Community and Social Action


Giving himself to the proactive problem-solvers that exist in communities and wider society, Louis’ work in this area is all about providing the tangible tips, tools and guidance required to be able to bring about positive change.


Having co-ordinated and delivered programmes such as Active Citizens for the British Council; Get Set to Make a Change as part of the London 2012 Olympic legacy; and the Action Squads programme for NCVYS, Louis’ skill and experience stretches far and wide when it comes to the topic(s) of community and social action.


Examples of work in this area include:

TRAINING: British Council Active Citizens programme – delivered from 2013 to 2015

SEMINAR: NCSyes programme at Berkshire Youth in 2014

EVENT: Hosting the ‘Shaping Social Action’ Conference run by NCVYS in 2015

Youth and Community Empowerment


Representative of his tagline: ‘Empowering people to create powerful solutions’, Louis sees this area of his work as vital. From engaging in everyday conversation with a friend, to delivering consultative training to an organisation, or using his words to educate and inspire hundreds of people at an event, Louis makes it a priority to spread the message of youth and community empowerment.


Louis’ view on ‘Empowerment’ = To EMbody the POWER that lies within.


Examples of work in this area include:

TRAINING: ‘Youth voice and empowerment’ session delivered for Ladywell Youth Village, Lewisham Youth Service, at a knowledge transfer meeting run by Prague Central Council in 2012

SEMINAR: Chaired/Facilitated the youth panel discussion at the inaugural ‘Police and Crime Conference’ run by the Home Office in 2015

EVENT: Closing speech at ‘Collaboration, Action and Impact’ for the voluntary youth sector in 2016

Interest to Independence


Most notably delivered as part of the Osarge Training programme, the concept of going from ‘Interest to Independence’ is about supporting individuals that:

  1. Have a burning desire to start an entrepreneurial venture;
  2. Have a significant level of skill and experience in a particular area;
  3. Are extremely passionate about a chosen topic;

And helping them to turn this into a project they can choose to pursue full-time or part-time and look to scale.

Examples include businesses, organisations and projects in:

Public and Motivational Speaking

Events Management

Sports Development

Media production

Making a Mark


Exercising his knowledge and expertise in marketing, this work area sees Louis support enterprises, organisations and projects to be able to make an impact in their chosen sector by using effective marketing strategies and processes.


Louis’ tagline for Exponential Marketing: “Don’t just enter the market ... dominate it!”


This area of work is about helping people to create a solid and powerful brand that shows consistency, then facilitate their entry into the market in a way that will be nothing short of impactful!


Examples of advice, consultancy and support that can be provide in this area include:

Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Experiential Marketing

Brand messaging and Communcations

Louis Howell: Connect-Build-Sustain-Repeat

Empowering people to create powerful solutions

Brands being built:

Exponential Marketing

Founded by Louis in 2015, Exponential Marketing is a marketing transformation agency that helps small-medium sized businesses, and other growing organisations, to build an unbeatable in-house marketing operation. It's time to take marketing to the next level with industry leading talent acquisition, professional training programmes and expert consultancy.

Revolution Hive is a UK based social enterprise that is dedicated to equipping young people for life. By helping them develop a sense 'self', and gain an understanding of 'society', and their social responsibility, we ensure they are prepared to deal with the individual and collective challenges of the 21st century. Using video courses and face-to-face workshops, our work is showing great impact.

7PK soon come

Launching in 2017, 7PK is a social enterprise that will 'build solid foundations and liberate communities'. This family-initiated organisation will represent and instill cohesion and empowerment across urban communities in London, followed by the rest of the country. Using tremendous non-formal education programmes and experiential entertainment platforms, 7PK will be a community organisation of great impact.