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Time: The currency of life

Although Louis had never planned to pursue a career in, or become known for doing, spoken word, his first release in this genre received some great reception from thousands of people on Facebook.


In just one week the video managed to accumulate over 16,ooo views and was shared by numerous people - even managing to get the recognition, respect and support of Suli Breaks.


Off the back of all of this, Louis has now said: "The response has been amazing I am grateful for everyone that showed support to this - I'm glad the message has touched and resonated with so many people ... the big thanks go to Revolution Hive, really, for recommending we do this project."

Asked if we can expect more, Louis replied saying: "I realise now, that if this is another way to get my message across to people, then why not ... so yes, look out for more."

Check out the piece, Time: The currency of life, here

From Unit to Unity

On the 30th April 2016, Louis held this groundbreaking event, Unit to Unity: How to harness the true power of a 'community'.


Having chosen the theme/topics of community empowerment and community cohesion to focus on, Louis got to work on planning an event that would relevant and beneficial to people from urban communities in London that feel their communities are becoming fragmented.


Although Louis was originally planning, and looking forward to, speaking at the event, he was so pleased to have a lineup of phenomenal international speakers that joined him on the day and gave the attendees mindblowing content and value. Thanks to Roz Thornton of Amazing Women Global; Onyi Anyado of OAMediahouse and Cheryl Phoenix of UK Black Links.

Another big thanks goes to Kayode Damali and Keshav Bhatt for their amazing entertainment pieces on the day.

From Unity to Unity flyer

Louis Howell - Empowering Communities