Louis Howell: Connect-Build-Sustain-Repeat

Empowering people to create powerful solutions

Approaching the end of his time at the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS), an organisation to which Louis owes much of his development, he was asked to star in this 'Meet NCVYS' video.

This clip is used by organisations in the voluntary youth sector, as well as other sectors, in order to get an idea of the work that is being produced by this stalwart of an organisation.

Also giving his own personal views on the challenges being faced by the youth sector in England, as well as what drives him and wakes him up in the morning, the clip makes for a great watch.

Little to no preparation time, but in true Louis style, this brilliant performance was effortlessly delivered.


Check it out here

In December 2013, Louis was asked to deliver the closing speech at an event called 'Letters Live', run by Canongate publishing house.

The event featured a number of renowned actors and actresses that were asked to read famous letters from films and theatre productions. 

Held at The Tabernacle in West London, a crowd of over 200 people turned out to see a night of powerful, moving and all round amazing entertainment.

Having had big names such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Kerry Fox and Gillian Anderson take to the stage, Louis was billed as the closing act with his performance of 'A Letter to The Reading Agency'. The event raised over £11,000 for the charity and Louis was thrilled to be a part of this.


Check out the performance here 

Different to his usual public performances, Louis' piece at the Young Partners Awards 2013 was in the form of spoken word.

Although he played the role of a 'roving host', engaging the audience throughout the event by getting their feedback and reactions to the awards ceremony, Louis then took to the stage to deliver his spoken word piece: "Time is the currency of life".

Inspired by the young people he worked with at his local youth club, in Lewisham, for 3 years, this piece was used to inspire young people to make their lives the best it can be.


Check out the spoken word piece here.

During his double life as a Youth Participation worker at NCVYS, and an adviser to young entrepreneurs with start-ups and small businesses, Louis delivered a talk and q&a to students at London Metropolitan University – part of their Student Enterprise Workshops series – in support role to his colleague and friend, Adam Bradford.

Aside from this appearance, the pair had also partnered to develop and deliver an initiative called the ‘Entrepreneurs Un Challenge’ programme, which took place in Sheffield later that year.


Check out the details of the London Metropolitan University event here

25th May 2013 saw Louis, an ambassador and champion of 'StopWatch' at the time, deliver a keynote presentation at a young people's consultation event with the newly formed Race Equality Coalition.

The Race Equality Coalition is a group of well-known organisations that address matters relating to race equality and racial disparity across different social issues.

Having been given an introduction to the Coalition and what its objectives are, Louis and his colleague, Monique Lane, were called to make a presentation which introduced other delegates to the work of StopWatch and its impact. 


Find out more here

In March 2013, Louis was invited to attend and speak at 'The Media Debate', an event run by the Youth Media Agency and Bite the Ballot.

Held at the House of Commons, the event was aimed at exploring a 'Fair or Free' press. Louis, an ambassador for #presschange4youth campaign at the time, had the opportunity to speak to the attendees about the Youth Media's recent submission to the Leveson enquiry.

The event also saw a panel discussion take place - members of this panel consisting of MPs, mainstream journalists and founders of smaller media organisations.


Check it out here.

For the second year in a row, Louis hosted the NCVYS Young Partners Awards in 2012.

The Young Partners Awards is a competition that celebrates organisations that work in partnership with young people, when it comes to decision making processes. The winners in the different categories are those that show best practise in the form of youth participation at their organisation.

The 2012 awards ceremony took place at the Emirates Stadium in North London - home of Louis' supported football team: Arsenal F.C. The day actually marked 10 years since the first Young Partners Awards so was a momentous occasion.


Check out the event video here.

At their 10th birthday party in November 2012, Louis Howell, who had been involved with The Reading Agency's youth work in libraries for a number of years, was invited to give a speech ... entertainment levels were through the roof!

The event saw The Reading Agency take time to reflect on their previous work and achievements; celebrate some of their highlights and look forward to future plans and programmes. Alongside speeches from Louis and other champions of the organisation, Akala, the Internationally renowned: Rapper, Poet, Speaker and Entrepreneur took to the stage to convey his support for an organisation that encourages such a vital habit and skill, reading.


Check out Louis' "Road to Success" speech here.

This is just a selection of Louis' many public and professional appearances. Check out the Home Page for a longer list of organisations he's worked with.