Louis Howell: Connect-Build-Sustain-Repeat

Empowering people to create powerful solutions

The name 'Louis' was bestowed upon him because of its ties to leadership. But has he been able to live up to the name? ... you bet he has!


“It is my opinion that the best leaders . . . are those that consistently create new leaders.” ~ Louis Howell


Louis is known for using his incredible energy and solution-focused approach when delivering training, creating & developing programmes and hosting or speaking at events

He prides himself on two main things:

  1. Impactful Performance

  2. Sustainable Growth

Welcome to the home of Louis Howell.

Organisations worked with:

Youth Media Agency Youth AID Lewisham University of Kent  Stopwatch  Radio Plus  NCS Trust London Metropolitan University Lewisham  Get Set to Make a Change City Year Centre for Youth Impact  NCVYSITVRevolution HiveBritish CouncilCanal and River TrustThe Reading AgencyAchieving for Children